by |Hs|Darkness at 11:46 AM
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It took me a loot of time but here it is!!!

The dark maze is complete! You can acces it from spawn on the arena board.
Here are some rulez you might find interesting:
- You can bring ANYTHING you want with you and I mean ANYTHING! I dont care if you enter butt nakid :p or fully enchanted diamond armor!
- You shouldn't need food...the hunger bar gets renewed...unless smt bad happens to the plugins then your prety much screeeewed :D
- There are some places that random spawnege might...
by Derrick at 4:59 PM
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I am currently slowly working on website updates. You may notice some things working slightly differently, or looking a little different. Then again, you may not.

I have begun using a widget engine that makes the handling of the sidebar items a lot less penisy. I've also implemented a new home page system, given that the one we were using was so out of date it was causing template issues. With the new home page system, it will only detect "new" news posts (as in after it...
by Derrick at 1:26 AM
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Just a quick note here to let you guys know that The Citadel is up to date on 1.7.9 as of now. I ask that you guys let us know of any bugs you might find, but you should fully expect some things not to work (though, after about an hour of testing, I haven't found anything). We're using Spigot - so you should be able to connect from your 1.7.5 clients, however I have no idea how well that works, ha. Optifine is also out for 1.7.9, so you can find that at the usual places if that's a mod you...
by AJ at 1:02 AM
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Alright, so we have a lot of new changes that was just implemented. First off, we have a completely new economy system! A lot of the old commands work, such as /pay and /bal or /baltop, but there are also a bunch of new commands and features!

The most important commands to take note on are
  • /money help
  • /bank
For a full list of commands head to https://greatmancode.com/display/CRAFTCONO/Commands

This is not all, however! As we have mentioned already, we were...
by Derrick at 1:04 PM
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So, in addition to the looming 1.7.9 update, we're also doing some more major changes to how things are played in relates to the servers economy system.

First and foremost - we're removing the ability to sell to the TC (it's actually already been done). Everything will still be available to BUY, but selling will be disabled permanently. What's the reason for this? Exploits. We've come to the realization that no matter what we do, with the current economy model in conjunction...